Andrew Major


Andrew Major was born and grew up in Bristol where he also trained in fine art and ceramics. In 2002 he moved to West Cornwall to pursue a full time career as an Artist and Ceramicist, finally settling in the Scottish Borders in 2015.

As a ceramicist, Andrew employs either hand building or sculpting techniques to create each of his 3D artworks for which he uses stoneware or earthenware clays to create individual pieces of contemporary work. He may also incorporate other materials such as driftwood and metal. When hand building, Andrew would rely on various processes such as slab building, slip casting and manipulating forms thrown on a potter’s wheel. Finally decorated with oxides, engobes (slips that are produced with much less clay) and hand mixed glazes, the finished work can take on a quirky and playful quality.

Andrew also produces paintings in mixed media and graphic work, combining pen/inks and gouache. When supplying the White Fox Gallery with his paintings or pen and ink drawings, Andrew takes his inspiration from the surrounding landscape. The textural surfaces of the paintings are created through a careful build up and layering of a variety of media (such as acrylic, acrylic inks, oils or gouache), balancing colour, form and composition. This technique is applied to various surfaces from canvas to gesso panels.

Andrew now works from his garden studio near Kelso.