Belinda Glennon


Since graduating from Newcastle College in 2012 Belinda has been producing work inspired by her connection to the beautiful and wild Isle of Harris. Using high fired white stoneware, porcelain and many layers of glaze she interprets her love of the ever changing sea and coastline.

Based in the Scottish Borders, Belinda Glennon creates a highly evocative range of ceramics, each and every single piece inspired by “the majestic, rugged coastline around the Isle of Harris”

Belinda’s work displays both a mastery of her skills as a ceramicist and potter and the flair of a true artist. Looking at her artworks, one can feel the island, its changing weather, the smell of the sea, the lines on the sand under one’s feet; and peering into one of her sea pots or containers, the viewer is often offered a glimpse of beautiful turquoise glaze, a symbol of the colour of the sea in that part of the world.

She has “formulated a palette of glazes with contrasting textures. The volcanic areas are ground down to reveal the bubbling, dry texture beneath, these eroded areas contrast with the watery, fluid glazes as the sea foaming on the rocks. “

Belinda Glennon is a Member of the Crafters co-operative, in Melrose since 2014.