Catherine Lucktaylor


Catherine Lucktaylor has a BA (Hons) Degree in Ceramics from Wolverhampton University.

Moving to Cornwall in 2009 had a profound impact on her work and led to the creation of the Landscape Series which takes inspiration from the stunning land and seascapes of far West Cornwall. Catherine’s signature turquoise glaze reflects the vibrant colour of the sea whilst the smoked crackle pattern is reminiscent of the rugged cliffs.

Catherine uses ancient hand building techniques such as pinching and coiling, with many surfaces burnished to a smooth sheen using her favourite beach pebble, to create stunning contemporary ceramics. Exquisitely crafted one of a kind pinched and coiled bowls and vessels embody the wild beauty of the Cornish landscape.

Her recent collections are all Raku fired; an ancient Japanese technique which basically means ‘Enjoyment’ and was originally used as part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Raku has evolved in the West to become a vibrant and exciting technique to glaze studio ceramics with stunning and unpredictable results.

Glazed pieces are fired to around 950 degrees centigrade and carefully removed from the kiln whilst red hot. The cool air causes the glaze to crackle and the pots are plunged into sawdust and smoked for about 20 minutes. Once removed from the sawdust, cooled in water and carefully cleaned the pieces reveal their vibrant glazes and gorgeous smoked areas.

A piece from Catherine’s Wild Cornwall Collection was featured on the BBC’s “The Great Pottery Throwdown” as a ‘perfect example of Raku’.