Claire Roche


Designer – maker Claire Roche trained as a sculptor at Gray’s school of art in Aberdeen. She now lives and works in Fife, producing small wearable sculpture in the form of beautiful silver jewellery.

Forms and textures are organic and undulating, often very tactile. The inspiration for each piece is as individual as the piece itself; it can be the local landscape, plants from her garden or a stone picked up at a nearby beach that determines the shape of its own setting. Claire Roche, as Roche Designs, has been trading since 2003, slowly growing from the odd commission for friends into a small business.

All pieces are hand-crafted and are hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. Most are completely unique but a few of the simpler pieces are limited editions of no more than 10 (see product descriptions).

I have always been obsessed with found treasure. As a child I would dig for it in the garden and hunt for it on the beach. My treasured possessions were the bowl of a clay smoking pipe and an old penny crusted over from being in the sea. I pinched solder wire from my dad’s tool box to twist around my found things so they could be worn.

During my sculpture degree i began to revisit these themes and began working with silver. My current work is inspired by the things I would have loved to find as well as the textures of the landscapes I loved to hunt in. It has a hand worked and strangely Scottish appearance, in silver or gold set with anything from diamonds to seaglass.

Claire Roche