Daniel Killeen

Jewellery, Metal Work, Sculpture

After graduating from Edinburgh College of art with a BA Hons degree in Fine art sculpture, Daniel moved to the Shetland Islands. In so doing, he crystallised his deep connection with island landscapes.

Daniel also recently gained an MSc in Art Psychotherapy.

There [in Shetland] I became fascinated with the island as a vessel or container of unique history and environment. Now living and working from my studio in Edinburgh, I make excursions to the Scottish islands to draw and paint as a research method. I then bring my research back to the studio, working the ideas into jewellery and other artworks.
I use various media: precious and semi-precious metals, and glass, to make jewellery and sculptural artworks which express the experience of the environment. Looking at the shapes, colours, feel and history of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, I draw my inspiration directly from these elements. My artwork explores emotive reflections of time and space within the landscape.

Daniel Killeen