Heather Potten


Heather Potten is a feltmaker based in Edinburgh. She has been working with felt since 2008, and has contributed to textile and home exhibitions around Scotland since 2011. Heather holds regular workshops in 3D and 2D felt.

Until I attended a feltmaking workshop in New Zealand in 2007, I had no idea what feltmaking was. Several years on, I still discover new things about felt every time I am in the studio. What continues to inspire me is the limitless spectrum of colours to work with, the freedom to experiment and the actual method, which is so different from any creative practice I have come across.

I am fascinated by seamless felt. Unlike other mediums, it is possible to create 3-dimensional structures with no sewing, sticking, binding or welding. It can be done purely through the process of laying out fibres, wetting, soaping, rolling, heating and fulling. However, templates must be meticulously designed in advance and shrinkage calculated before the process can begin.

In my exhibitions, I have seen that people are fascinated by the felting process and by the range of its applications. I want more people to understand and appreciate the incredible power and beauty of felt as an expressive medium and to help highlight and affirm its current re-emergence into the world of creative arts.

I continue to experiment with technique and colour. I create collections of wearable pieces – scarves, bags, garments and corsages – as well as artworks, vessels and wall hangings. I exhibit in galleries and exhibitions around Scotland and the north of England, where you can see and buy my work.

Heather Potten