John Onslow


John Onslow has only joined the gallery a few months ago. Having worked, over the years, in a number of occupations ranging from cartographer to regeneration projects, promoting creative industries, biodiversity and countryside access, John succeeded in retaining throughout his career a connection with his long love of the arts and geography.

During this time, John also continued to develop his painting skills, occasionally exhibiting his work in art shows and local galleries, and studying with the Open College of Art and at the Weobley Art Centre In Herefordshire.

Having stopped work early, and now free of all professional obligations, John has returned to his love of landscape and painting. His current medium is watercolour and his subject matter ranges from the landscape of the Scottish Borders to the Northumberland coastline.

My work is inspired by the hills and dales near my home in the Scottish Borders and the places I visit; sometimes representative, sometimes more abstract, always expressive. As a geographer and an artist, I am fascinated by the interaction between topography, light and the emotional response to landscapes. I seek out less well-known places, away from the crowds and intrusive clutter of modern tourism.

The unique landscape and light of Border hills and coasts provide a wealth of inspiration, supplemented by my travels further afield and places that have left their imprint on my memory.

I mainly work with watercolours, because I love the freshness of the medium and its unpredictable nature, although I use other media such as coloured inks, pastels and acrylics, from time to time.

John Onslow