June Bell

Mixed Media, Painting

I was born and brought up in the Scottish Borders with its ancient abbeys and castles and have always been attracted to places with a sense of the past. Old trees and woodland also evoke for me a sense of mystery, as well as old overgrown buildings with an air of abandonment. I am also interested in the human form, not with the intent of capturing a likeness but more to convey a mood or an impression of beauty.

I find encaustic painting on wax can enable me to convey the impression of age and weathering in old buildings and tree bark because of its rough texture and layered effect while collage and water soluble paints can give a lightness and accuracy which I find useful in painting plant life. I use both sets of materials, but not in the same piece. I work on a fairly large scale, my work tending to be arresting and mainly naturalistic.

There are many influences on my work including my Christian faith and I have lived for a number of years in Africa and Thailand. I didn’t discover the works of Tolkien until later in life but find I have been inspired by his writing. I am drawn to the work of medieval artists such as Fra Angelico, and find Botticelli’s work particularly beautiful. Contemporary artists influencing me include Victoria Crowe and Bruce Herman.

I would like the viewer of my work to sense an atmosphere and perhaps, if possible, to experience some kind of spiritual connection with it. This is my ultimate goal, and the hardest to achieve.

June Bell