Lisa Ellul


Lisa Ellul studied Three Dimensional Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University specializing in ceramics.

It was during her second year of study that Lisa was selected to take part in an exchange program to study ceramics at Blaker College in Norway. It was here in the isolation of rural Norway in the depths of winter that her true love of ceramics blossomed. She loved the versatility and endless possibilities of clay.

Lisa creates her unique hand built ceramic vessels, forms and botanical wall art from her studio in the beautiful Peak District. She has always had a love of nature and been fascinated by the beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark and seed pods. It is this natural theme that inspires her ceramics.

Lisa’s vessels are constructed from layers of finely rolled tubes or cones of clay. These are organised in a structured formation building the thickness of the vessel wall. Some vessels are multi-layered and hold a solid, weighted volume. Others are simple one-layer vessels resembling seed pods. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface. Surfaces are almost bone like with fossilised leaf patterns or inlayed textures. Simple washes of oxides highlight texture and the occasional use of gold leaf adds a sense of luminosity and luxury.

Lisa aims for her pieces to intrigue and fascinate the viewer.

Since setting up in 1996 Lisa have exhibited throughout the United Kingdom as well as America and Europe. Her ceramics are in the collection of The City Gallery, Manchester and William Ismay’s private collection since donated to The Yorkshire Museum.