Niall Campbell

Mixed Media, Painting

Niall’s work is based on a response to a mark, colour, crease in the canvas – a starting point for a dialogue. It is very much process-led and the end result is a consequence of investigation and suggestion. As such his paintings are an expression of the unconscious and how it responds to and translates events or memories of events, as explained in his Artist Statement.

Niall is also an Art Lecturer at Borders College in Galashiels.

As an artist, I am interested in the unconcious mind and its ability to govern my actions. What at first starts out as a random act gradually reveals itself: I realise that the subsequent imagery is the result of my own state of mind, that titles suggest themselves depending on the colour palette I have chosen and whether it relates to a memory from a holiday, or a feeling of melancholia or euphoria…

I am also interested in the idea that everything we do, as artists, constitutes a self portrait by representing our own individual reaction to our environment which, in turn, informs the decisions that we make as we work. Therefore the surface of the paintings, which silently records the actions of the maker, inevitably traps time: all decisions taken in the artistic process are in effect “documented” (sometimes hidden in sublayers) and play a part in what subsequently appears. The paintings, in the end, are like conversations between the artist, his unconscious and the painted surface with the stage of completion merely representing a pause in the conversation as, on reflection, if this conversation was taken up again, a different viewpoint might emerge, in this respect a work is never ever finished.

Niall Campbell