Tricia Thom


Tricia Thom gained a BA (Hons) Art and Design (Ceramics) 1st class degree from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen.

Following this she was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma (Highly Commended), also from Grays School of Art. Tricia has also been granted  a PGCE (Secondary) from Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh.

I use domestic pottery themes as inspiration for my wheel-thrown porcelain teapots, bowls, moon-jars and other vessel forms. Central to my working practice is that the process must be an enjoyable one, so that the activity of making is an essential component for the success of the work.

I am also concerned with integrating form and surface, so that the line between them becomes blurred. I draw from an eastern aesthetic of contemplative, simple an quiet forms and surfaces. I am drawn to the iconic teapot form; representing ritual and community with roots in eastern, ceremonial tradition. I am interested in the compositional challenge the form presents; the articulation of handles, spouts… they take on an almost animated human form.

In recent years, I have established connections with galleries throughout the UK and exhibited at specialist fairs such as Ceramic Art London; Oxford Ceramics and York Ceramics; organised by the CPA (Craft Potters Association) which is a professional body of selected members. I was very honoured to become a selected member of the CPA in November 2019.

Tricia Thom