Varie Freyne


Varie Freyne started pottery as a hobby 40 years ago. She began with hand-building and then developed skills on the wheel. At the time, Varie worked a lot with red earthenware clay and developed designs using majolica glaze and oxides.

Varie is a member of the Northern Potters Association.

Since taking early retirement & moving to the North East I have bought a kiln & now work in stoneware & white earthenware clays & mainly hand build using slabs, coils & moulds. I love constructing forms / shapes with clay in various states, either soft coils or leather hard sections. I rely on decorating techniques rather than glazes, on most pieces. I use a clear glaze, as the decoration for me is the most important part. I have an interest in printing & textile design & use this as an inspiration for decorating my ceramics.

On stoneware clay I use coloured slips to decorate, sometimes in a very fluid way with brushes & sometimes in a more precise way using the sgrafitto technique. I also use brush-on glazes with painterly oxide designs.

On white earthenware clay I make use of vibrant coloured underglazes to create designs inspired by textiles & photos taken on my travels.

Varie Freyne