Véronique Paquereau

Mixed Media, Painting

Born in 1965 in Lorient, home of the major Interceltic Festival, French artist Véronique Paquereau still lives and works in Brittany (France). Coming from a family with a long history of printmaking, she developed a style steeped in the methods of printing, inspired by reproduction, paper material, wood and the smell of inks.

Véronique’s paintings combine seamlessly a number of media (oil painting, acrylic, oil pastel, watercolour, print and collages of various materials) on either canvas or board.. Her work blends an incredible precision, rigour and attention to detail, with evanescent, calming compositions full of texture.

She captures her subjects in the middle of a moment of grace and extreme emotion. Her thought provoking paintings touch on the most universal of themes; mankind, solitude, happiness, melancholy.

Véronique’s timeless works on canvas are reminiscent of paintings by turn of the 20th century painter, Gustav Klimt. Many parallels can be drawn between the contemporary artist and Klimt’s decorative style and delicate depiction of the female form.

However, despite similarities, Véronique Paquereau is unique in her own right, employing present-day disciplines and capturing the emotions of the 21st century.

Véronique Paquereau’s work is sold extensively across Europe; having been exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam, London and Yorkshire. The White Fox Gallery is proud to be the exclusive promoter of her work in Scotland.