Group Show


27 Nov - 21 Dec 2021

The cold days of winter are here, and as 2021 is drawing to a close, we are hoping this last exhibition of the year will bring you inspiration and cheer. Besides several paintings, prints and photographs, we are also presenting a wide range of 3D objects, including a substantial collection of jewellery.
Our apologies for the slightly later publication time, this Saturday. This was due to internet outage caused by the heavy winds last night.

Artists taking part are: Sheila Anderson Hardy; Gregg Anston Race **; June Bell; Richard Bideau; Anne Collin; Katrina Croft Morrison; Liz Hardy; Daniel Killeen; Ellen Mc Cann; Justine Miller; Clare Money; Siobhan O’hehir; Claire Roche; Patricia Sadler; Tricia Thom; Gill Walton; Stephen Whitehorne

** Due to difficulty in sourcing materials, there was a delay in Gregg Anston Race’s production of his sumptuous fused glass work. However, his pieces have now arrived and will be added to this online exhibition on Tuesday 30th. So please do re-visit!