Solo Exhibition

EMBRACING FORM - The beauty of 3 dimensional forms with Tom Cooper

3 - 31 Jul 2021

This exhibition showcases a totally new collection of beautiful woodturnings and drawings, as well as a couple of stunning furniture pieces by the expert furniture designer and artist-craftsman, Tom Cooper.

These items were all conceived with the idea of embracing the concept of form and more specifically that of the beauty found in natural forms.

It is always a delight and an honour to receive new work from Tom. Indeed, hailed as one of the best cabinet makers in Scotland, Tom never ceases to fascinate.

He is submitting, here, for the first time ever, a number of drawings beautifully framed in bespoke integral oak frame structures. These frames have been specially designed by Tom to give the impression that his drawings are free floating and to allow for the pictures to either be hung on a wall or be free standing. They all have been produced from the timber of a 300 year old tree, the oldest oak tree in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens, which had fallen in the bad winter of 2012.

The drawings themselves are no ordinary drawings either. They were executed on paper that Tom produced himself from his workshop wood shavings and bull rush downs. So from tree to furniture, woodturning to wood shavings, paper to drawings, what we are witnessing here is an artist paying humble homage to the natural environment that inspires him and sustains us all in so many ways!