Celtic 5 Exhibition

Published on 15 August 2018

On the 8th of July we were very excited to launch our summer exhibition, involving our first artist from beyond Britains shore.

Entitled Celtic 5, this exhibition has brought together work from contemporary artists, each one originating from one of the main 5 Celtic nations or regions.

Brittany and Ireland are represented by paintings from Veronique Paquereau (mainly figurative) and Siobhan O’hehir (landscape).

Scotland was celebrated by the wonderful Ellen McCann who produced a body of ceramic and metal sculptures.

Wales, Celtic mythology inspired prints are the work of highly accomplished Annie Giles Hobbs alongside work by Dreya Bennett and Catherine Lucktaylor both representing Cornwall with their beautiful respective glasswork and ceramics.

It certainly is a landmark for the White Fox Gallery, in that we have secured the participation of our first artist from outside the UK for our summer exhibition. The introduction of Veronique Paquereau’s breathtaking work is also very timely as we wanted to explore the idea of connections, commonality of spirit and feel in the artistic output of artists originating from the main five Celtic nations or regions. Whether or not, there is indeed a common thread between the works on display, this remains to be seen and no doubt each of our visitors will have their own view on the matter. The artwork produced for this exhibition is of exceptional quality, we hope you are able to switch off from the outside world and truly reflect on the work shown before you and of course do drop by if you are in the area. Nothing better to appreciate than seeing the work in the flesh. We look forward to your visit.

The exhibition is on display until the 29th of September 2018.

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