Land – Marks

Published on 19 September 2019

Siobhan O’Hehir Solo Exhibition of latest works

From 14th September and for 6 weeks, we will be venturing into new territories as the White Fox Gallery opens Siobhan O’Hehir’s 1st Solo Show.

Entitled “Land-Marks”, this new body of work, produced by the Ancrum based artist, who is also a passionate rock climber, is charting her latest stylistic and technical developments in her depiction of landscape.

Siobhan is, indeed, fascinated by how one’s experience of landscape changes as one “…travels through it …. the sense of your own scale and place in that landscape varies as you move on.  At some point, the vista that you were gazing at is the place you are now physically in….. Simple, perhaps, but [she has] … always found this so magical. “

Her perception, as a painter who rock-climbs, is therefore unique. As she explains: “Scrambling and climbing whether on sea cliff, crags or mountains … gives one a unique and compelling view of one’s surroundings.  Whilst not quite aerial, the elevation experienced reveals hidden forms and shapes within the landscape. Sitting or standing on a belay on a multi pitch climb gives you time to gaze…shapes often become slightly flattened out, …trees and farm buildings too change shape….appearing more abstract and unfamiliar. Walking up, high lochs or lakes can suddenly appear shimmering like glass…..” She adds: “Climbing is part visual, part sensory…the rock becomes a map through which your eye, hands and feet navigate and again what is so interesting is how a route looks from the ground and how it then feels when you’re in it and/or on it!…. 

My hope is that my experiences translate visually to this new series of paintings, albeit, not in an obvious way, i.e. colour is more of an emotionally charged expression and less about actual representation.”

In her latest compositions, Siobhan also attempts to free herself from the constraints of traditional perspective and horizon lines… “[The compositions] are often a deliberate juxtaposition of viewpoints… one that confuses and diffuses form and structure.”

Siobhan lectures part time in Art and Design at Borders College in Galashiels. She is an artist of utmost integrity and originality, and, as such, produces work that is continually evolving. These latest paintings are quite simply stunning. We hope you like them.

For more details on the size and prices of the work on display, please refer to Siobhan’s page on our Online Shop

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