Summer 2020


The White Fox Gallery has just launched, on 25h July, its first major exhibition since lockdown : bringing together a substantial portfolio of new work by Borders-based painter Sheila Anderson Hardy and a collection of sublime etchings by London printmaker and etcher, Kit Boyd, Arcadian Rhapsody is a feast for the eyes as well as for the soul.

Sheila Anderson Hardy expresses a distinctly magical quality to her depictions of the Scottish Borders landscape and the nature which inhabits it. She is drawn to the field edges, woodland boundaries and hedgerows close to her studio as well as to the birds, insects and plants which she observes every day. These overlooked, unremarkable and yet familiar places are, for her, anything but ordinary; her visions are uniquely transformative, bringing to life the variety of flora and fauna typical of the season, either in exuberant and colourful compositions in oil on canvas or in minimal, ink-wash depictions on handmade paper (Sumi-e paintings).

For this exhibition, Sheila is joined by another highly regarded artist who will be exhibiting at the White Fox Gallery for the first time. Kit Boyd, who shares the same passion for the countryside, spends some of his time in mid Wales/Shropshire when not working in his London studio. He explores through unique hand-coloured etchings, “our relationship with the landscape and our place in nature”. His work acknowledges the tradition of Samuel Palmer and the later neo-romantic artists of the twentieth century.

At a time when the environment is such a major issue, in the work of both Sheila and Kit, we are reminded that nature and landscape are inextricably linked , that our natural world is vital to our wellbeing and its beauty brings us great solace. We hope you enjoy this new body of work.  The exhibition will will run from 25th July until 5th September 2020, both online and in our “physical” gallery. We are open as usual and operating according to the current safety recommendations and very much look forward to your visit.

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