Gill Walton

Gill is a well-respected artist who has won awards from Creative Scotland, Scottish Borders Council and The National Lottery Fund. After graduating with an honours degree in Sculpture from Cheltenham College of Art in 1989, she has continued to practice art and has exhibited widely.

She is the founder of Allanbank Arts, an art centre in Allanton, Scottish Borders. Before that, she was a part time lecturer at Worcester College of Art, Stroud College of Art and Borders College. She was also an artist in residence for Gloucestershire psychiatric services and delivered art groups to mental health patients for seven years.

Gill is a member of the Scottish Artists’ Union, of the Society of Scottish Artists and a member of Visual Arts Scotland.

Her work is predominantly contemporary figurative and comprises paintings, drawings and sculptures. Her paintings may be symbolic and enigmatic, but Gill is a great believer in letting the viewer arrives at his/her own interpretation when viewing a particular artwork of hers; it is her way of involving the onlooker in the creative act.

Gill’s studio is based in Allanton, Scottish Borders

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