Sheila Anderson-Hardy

Sheila Anderson Hardy’s monochromatic works are influenced by the traditional Japanese ink wash technique Sumi-e translated as “Black Ink Drawing”.

By using black ink washes of varying dilution from black to extremely pale, Sheila aims to create an image which grasps the delicate essence of nature, where superfluous form or detail is left out.

Sheila also works in oil and watercolour. Having returned to rural Scotland after a very long absence, her current creative arena, preoccupation and passion is the exquisite natural beauty in the Scottish Borders, where she now lives. The changing seasons, the colours, the light and the mood and memory they evoke are her inspiration. Still life and interiors become my subjects during the colder winter months. She also loves her garden, and the burgeoning beauty of flowers in the spring and summer are irresistible subjects.

In Sheila’s work, occasionally graphic images emerge, sometimes a more elusive expression takes place; imagery of personal significance, plants and patterns, almost unconsciously appear and repeat as subliminal symbols.

Moving away from the purely figurative, Sheila aspires to create the illusion of a reality, a fleeting memory reimagined.

Sheila lives and works in Jedburgh, in the Scottish Borders.

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