Jennifer Tetlow

Halifax-born Jennifer Tetlow became a stone sculptor after working part-time in a quarry, where she fell in love with stone and the “sound of chisels”.

She has been a full-time artist and carver for nearly 20 years now. What makes her story all the more impressive is the fact she’s self-taught.

 There is a beautiful elegance to Jennifer Tetlow’s stone carvings, their purity of line and gentle curves You could say they are reminiscent of Scandinavian designs or of Inuit Indians of the Pacific Northwest’s sculptures, with undertones of sculptors like Henry Moore. Jennifer’s sculptures effortlessly translate the essence of the subject she is carving.  Her work is truly connected with the earth, and demonstrates a deep respect and love for the natural world. It also bears witness of her complete mastery and passion for stone work.

Jennifer gives talks about stone carving to various art societies and groups and has enjoyed exhibitions up and down the country.

Jennifer Tetlow lives and works in Lastingham, Ryedale, tucked away from the busy tourist trail of the North York Moors.

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