Saturday, July 27th, 2019

Seawards – 2019 Summer Exhibition

Ocean vessel and Wave form by Graham Muir

This summer, at the White Fox Gallery, we are paying homage to this long held love that most of us have for the sea through a diverse display of paintings, glass, ceramic, wood and jewellery.

Below you will find examples of these artworks. For more information on the exhibiting artists, and their other creations, please follow their respective link.

The exhibition runs until 31st August.

Jim Wright

Top left: A Freshening Wind Left: A Break of Light

Gill Knight

Patricia Sadler

Top left: A Blue Dawn over the sea Left: The Ocean calls

Deborah Campbell

Top left: Iona North Beach Left: Iona mist rising

Tom Cooper

Ripples in the Sand – Ash and pearlescent resin

Elspeth Horsfield

Blue and Purple – Handprinted silk scarf

Kelly Munro

‘Knotted necklace’ – wood

Abbie McCann

Ocean Collection earrings – polymer clay

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