A Very English Poppy, by Greer Ralston


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The title of this painting was inspired by the garden of Norman Scott on whom a Very English Scandal was based, or rather his relationship with Jeremy Thorpe.
Norman is a friend of Greer’s and, apparently, has the most amazing garden down in Dartmoor.

MEDIUM: Oil on deep canvas

SIZE: W 60cm x H 60cm approx. ; unframed

POSTAGE & PACKAGING: £28 within the UK mainland; for shipping outside of the UK mainland and abroad, please contact us



  • GREER  has only joined the gallery a few months ago. A graduate from the Glasgow School of Art,  she is also the recipient of numerous awards. Greer  has exhibited widely including at the National portrait Gallery in London. In the last few years her interest has shifted from figure /equestrian to large scale flower paintings taking her down a route of colour and expression, influenced in part by artists such as Georgia O’keefe and Rachel Ruysch. In the last few months, the focus is still on the flowers but Greer is now combining them with the figure. This gives much more narrative around the meaning of the flowers juxtaposed with the mainly female form making the image a multi layered comment on Women’s Art History and how the female image is perceived .The first of these paintings will be shown at the “Pride On Art” exhibition in Belgravia, London organised by Capital Bank. Greer is also in talks with a Chiswick gallery to organise a show for her large flower paintings.
  • A page will be created for Greer on our website in the first half of June. In the meantime, here are a couple of other (and larger) paintings we have of hers  in the gallery; please feel free to contact us if you wish to view any of these 3 :

LEFT: Passion, oil on deep canvas, 120cm W x 100cm H, unframed £2,000

CENTRE: The Power of Three, oil on deep canvas, 104cm W x 74cm H, framed £1,200

RIGHT: Anticipation, oil on deep canvas, 89cm W x 115cm H, framed, £1,900


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