Constance, by Gill Walton




This small drawing is part of a series which Gill has – and is still – developing during Covid19’s confinement. They represent her response to these momentous times. One can detect a sense of  feeling hemmed in. The traces of silver also allude to the wearing of masks during this pandemic as well as making a parallel to the use of colloidal silver as an alleged protection during the bubonic plague, in medieval times. This theme has been carried onto the small oil paintings on aluminium also displayed further along. For these, Gill deliberately chose Medieval names (Agnes and Beatrice) to further connect these two incidences of pandemic/plagues.


MEDIUM: Graphite, beeswax and silver leaf on Arches paper

SIZE: W 13cm x H 18cm;  mounted on deep board

POSTAGE & PACKAGING: £12 within the UK mainland; for shipping outside of the UK mainland and abroad, please contact us


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