Musing on the Exotic – necklace (short pendant)




Musing on the Exotic : unique miniature abstract painting art necklace  – only 1 produced

The lovely flow and tones of the small painted central panel of this necklace were the trigger of my returning to the rich and exotic colours I tend to love so much. What resulted is a lovely composition of blues, gold and copper for you to dress up or down as the fancy takes you.

Signed, at the back, by the artist: Virginie Renard.

Medium: Acrylic paint on wood, varnished with specialist non-yellowing acrylic paint varnish, lapis lazuli, tiger eye beads, quartzite dyed lapis lazuli, pearl, glass beads, copper beads.

Colours: mainly blue, copper, gold, pale turquoise



  • This lovely miniature art pendant is also for sale at the White Fox Gallery premises in Coldstream and therefore, may not remain available for very long. If you are interested in purchasing this item, we would recommend to first check its availability by sending us a message via our contact form.
  • Due to differences in screen calibrations, colours displayed may not be absolutely accurate.
  • Whilst this necklace can cope with a short shower, it is not suited to be immersed nor worn in water.

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