Established in 2013 by painter, Virginie Renard and her partner, photographer Stephen Whitehorne, the White Fox Gallery continues to offer art buyers a wide range of quality Art, Design and Craft from the region and from further shores.

Humble beginnings.

Originally located within the Arts & Crafts Centre on the Hirsel Estate, the couple quickly established their reputation in providing something new and different, at first by displaying their own unique art and design works but then, later, by also showcasing the work of a few other selected artists and makers whom we found inspiring and who shared our aesthetic values. Thus, the White Fox theme became an extension of Stephen and Virginie’s heartfelt passion: a celebration of landscape and of the natural world expressed through beautiful creations for the home.

Moving on up.

By late 2016, Stephen and Virginie were looking to expand, building on the success of 3 years at the Hirsel. They were also seeking a larger space and the opportunity to spread their ‘creative wings’, so to speak. It was therefore, with perfect timing it seemed, that in January 2017 the couple were given the opportunity to take over the premises of, what had been up till then, the Coldstream Gallery. So here, in its new, far more spacious ‘den’ on the high street, the White Fox was now free to embrace a wonderfully diverse range of beautiful and inspiring fine art, design and craft; a dream made real!

The new gallery.

Having successfully weathered the storms of two seismic events in the last two years: Brexit and the Covid19 pandemic, the new gallery has bucked the trend and continued to grow.

Indeed, during this time, we have added a number of well established artists and makers to our portfolio. We are therefore now able to not only represent the diverse and creative talents of Fine artists and makers for which the Scottish Borders and Northumberland are renowned, but to also display work from more distant national and international shores.

Helping us navigate these exciting new waters, Kirsten Evans, has joined us, as our new Gallery Assistant – albeit on a part time basis for now. She is already proving an invaluable help with our marketing and other general administration tasks.

Looking forward, we are aiming to continue providing the best of platforms to promote, display and sell a wide range of inspiring and exquisitely executed contemporary fine art, design and craft. In so doing, we hope to help art lovers and home makers alike to find the perfect artwork to grow their art collection or to add the final statement piece to their interior design project.

We look forward to have the pleasure of your visit soon, whether it be in the informal atmosphere of our light and spacious gallery in the heart of Coldstream, or online.

Following the second lockdown, the gallery is reopening its doors on 15th May, implementing Covid19 safety measures, as per the latest Government regulations.


Trial Service

For substantial purchases, and when you simply cannot choose between 2 or 3 artworks, it may help to see these in situ. That is why we are more than happy to bring to your home or office the initially selected items to try out and help you to choose the one which would suit your environment best (limited to 50 miles radius of the WFG).


The White Fox Gallery would be happy to negotiate and manage all aspects concerning personal commissions from any of our gallery’s artists.

Own Art Scheme

The White Fox Gallery is one of the Own Art Scheme accredited galleries and as such can offer 0% finance over 10 months, for £100 – £2,500 priced items.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers in £10 denominations (£10 – £100) are available from the White Fox Gallery.